About Us

I am an Indian. My name is Vikas Pangare. Since childhood I have gained expertise in Tabla, Piano, Karate, Swimming, Chess, Dancing and Singing. These were my hobbies, but my aim is to become a successful entrepreneur. My ideal is Bill Gates, Bill Gates started his business at the age of 19. Similarly I have also started , an educational course for personality development. Everybody knows the Art of Living but those who learn the Art of Winning, reach the pinnacle of success. I am excited to spread Art of Winning all over the world.

Today is the age of competition, the age of modernization. If you see around you will find competition, soaring prices, unemployment, even financial crunch. Everybody is worried about his and his children’s future. In recent times those who have confidence, enthusiasm, vision, in short, those who have base of personality development is the winner. One who is not trained, his knowledge and skills are not developed his confidence in not developed and hence he is not successful in life. Come on, lets prepare a strong base for success.